Bus Pass Application

  • Step 1: STOP! Be sure to read steps 2 through 8 below carefully before proceeding to the sign-in hyperlink in Step 8. Ok, Go!
  • Step 2: You will need to Log-In to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. If you do not know your Username and Password, before proceeding contact the school your child is registered at and ask to speak to the secretary; they will be able to provide this to you.
  • Step 3: After you've signed into your Parent Portal (Step 8), open the Navigation menu located in the upper left-hand corner by clicking on this arrow icon:  Navigation.
  • Step 4: Scroll down and click on this icon: SchoolEngage
  • Step 5: In the upper left-hand corner, click on this icon: Students .
  • Step 6: In the upper left-hand corner, click on the applicable child's name this bus pass application is for (you can only process one child at a time).
  • Step 7: On the upper right-hand corner of the page in the Bus Application Form section, you will now begin your child's bus pass application by clicking on this icon: +New .
  • Step 8: You're ready! You have now read all the instructions and are ready to complete Steps 2 through 7 above. To begin, sign-in to Parent Portal by clicking here PowerSchool Parent Portal. You can refer back to these instructions if needed. 
For NEW parents creating a Parent Portal PowerSchool account, you will receive an email once your student registration has been approved at the school containing your PowerSchool Parent Portal information. You may need to check your Junk Mail Folder if you feel you did not receive it or contact your child's school for assistance.
For NEW or RETURNING parents who are having trouble accessing their Parent Portal, please contact your child's school for assistance with your Username, Password, or general support navigating the steps above.
Not sure if your child qualifies for bussing? Click here to find out!